2020 Media Group


2020 Media Group was started by Brent Carmicheal and myself to create and tell stories through video production. At 2020 Media, our vision is your vision. Just like the name states, we focus on clarity and perfection to portray your ideas into moving visuals. 

My Role:

For 2020 Media, I was tasked with creating the branding and logo. To me a logo is an incredibly important part of the brand as it’s generally the first thing anyone sees. I chose to follow a minimalistic design, using shapes and text to create a logo that encompasses that 2020 idea – simple, clear, and easy to read. 

The Logo:

The brand follows a modern and minimalistic approach to design, by using simple elements such as text, shapes, and plain colours to achieve a sophisticated look associated with 2020’s message of content creation. The logo is based on a previous concept for 2020 Brewing Company, a micro-brewery formed by Brent. Plenty of negative space is used to showcase a more professional look.