DoYu Digital


DoYu is a Calgary based record label with the goal of breaking down the walls to bring people together. DoYu’s family is always growing, and showcases artists’ creativity not only in music, but in their performances and communities. I am forever proud to be a part of the DoYu family from their first residency event all the way back in February 2020.

My Role:

My role in the continual DoYu project is to capture live event coverage, both from in front and behind the DJ Booth. Adam Smol (aka SmolBeats) tasked me with creating and capturing the emotion and passion of artists and their fans through the DoYu family. Each event is called a “residency”, bringing in new artists every time. I have had the pleasure of capturing multiple artists’ first performances, and even my fellow student, DeliriousNinja’s first show! The DoYU family uses my images to promote and showcase themselves to the world through social media.

The Images:

Each image tries to capture the passion and energy that comes with each event. They also showcase the crowd and how they react to each artist as well. 

As the photos are taken in dimly lit environments, each photo is a challenge in itself. Using techniques such as bounce flashing, reflections, and key lighting, I try to capture specifically the artist and what they are capturing with their music.