OneFluent is one of Canada’s largest influencer marketing companies, working with social media creators ranging from TikTok Stars, to Instagram Influencers. OneFluent has contracts with companies such as Ferrari Alberta, G-Tech Apparel, H&M, and more!

Our relationship started through Josiah Smith, a Musically and TikTok creator, after I worked on his podcast. I met Will and we instantly had talks of creation as well as pursuing my brand further. 

My Role:

For this project, I was tasked with creating portraits for various local influencers in Calgary for instagram content. While shooting, I tried to capture each influencers’ personality throughout the shoot by using different colours of light, as well as posing each person to reflect who they are. 

The Images:

For this project I only used one lens and one light to create both consistency, and quality throughout the images. By using techniques such as reflections, DoF, and key lighting, I tried to really highlight each person and show off more of them as opposed to the background scene. We shot these in both the New Central Library and Downtown Calgary to create soft and simple backdrops.