Client Work


OneFluent is one of Canada’s largest influencer marketing companies, working with social media creators ranging from TikTok Stars, to Instagram Influencers. OneFluent has contracts with companies such as Ferrari Alberta, G-Tech Apparel, H&M, and more!

2020 Media Group

At the beginning of 2020, we were tasked with creating the branding and identity of our partner agency, 2020 Media Group. This included their logo(s) and website design. Check them out below!

DoYu Digital

DoYu is a Calgary based record label with the goal of breaking down the walls to bring people together. DoYu’s family is always growing, and showcases artists’ creativity not only in music, but in their performances and communities. I am forever proud to be a part of the DoYu family from their first residency event all the way back in February 2020.

Zymedyne Therapeutics

BladeVisuals was responsible for developing the brand identity and site for Zymedyne Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical startup based in Calgary, AB.

UNQ Adventure Co.

UNQ Adventure was created to show exactly that – unique adventure opportunities for anyone. Created by students for students, UNQ has the goal of showcasing unique parts of the world through the eyes of university students. In addition to the travel aspect of the brand, UNQ was created to show off the skills of each student involved, by using the skills they’ve learned in school to create a website, future app, as well as blog content. Stay UNQ!

Boring Podcast

Alongside 4AM Studios, BladeVisuals was responsible for filming, audio production and live management of the pilot episodes of the Boring Podcast with Josiah Smith. Boring is anything but boring!

The podcast focuses on influencers in the Calgary area, and shares their stories and experiences. Check it out below!

Personal Work

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