UNQ Adventure Co.


UNQ Adventure was created to show exactly that – unique adventure opportunities for anyone. Created by students for students, UNQ has the goal of showcasing unique parts of the world through the eyes of university students. In addition to the travel aspect of the brand, UNQ was created to show off the skills of each student involved, by using the skills they’ve learned in school to create a website, future app, as well as blog content. Stay UNQ!

My Role:

As lead developer and designer, my job was to create the website, logo, branding, and even a few blog posts. While the website is still in its infancy, plans to generate significantly more content and different products are in the works. As noted, it was created to showcase our skills as students, and the skills I portray in this project are my design and content creation skills, as well as a little bit of web development that I have learned at SAIT. The website is also used as an outlet to express my desire to do things outside of the ordinary, such as photography, sport, and product reviews!

The Logo and Site:

Much like the rest of my work, a modern approach was done to create the branding and website.

For the logo, I decided to incorporate a geomarker and various aspects of travel into one circular badge, representing the world. A bright colour palette was used to showcase the positive energy the brand is meant to portray

For the website, we decided to go with a simplistic design to showcase the blog and logo. Again the site is still in its infant stages and more work will be developed