Zymedyne Therapeutics


Zymedyne aims to develop safer, more effective treatments for chronic, neuropathic pain by targeting human Cav3.2 “T-type” calcium channels that are known to be crucial in pain signalling. Unlike opioids, their technology aims to achieve pain relief without the detrimental side effects of weight gain, respiratory depression and addiction that plague current users of opioid-based medications. 

My Role:

In the Zymedyne Therapeutics project, I was tasked with creating branding and content creation, as well as blog updates for different funding milestones. With this project, I aimed to develop a more unique logo and brand standards by differing from the classic bio-pharmaceutical colour scheme of blue and green. Zymedyne is a very different company from the classic pain therapy businesses, so my goal was to highlight this aspect of their brand. 

Zymedyne is a startup, and I am proud to be a part of their launch!

The Logo:

The Zymedyne Logo uses a somewhat unique and minimalist shape to highlight how they plan on targeting pain channels – using enzymatic processes. The logo follows a shape of a stylized enzyme while highlighting the first two letters (ZY), standing for “enzyme”

The colour palette was chosen to reflect both trust (through blue) and wisdom (through purple) in the brand. Secondary colours were used to reflect wealth (green) and innovation (orange) created with new startup. 

Type was chosen to reflect the modern aspect of the brand, using sans-serif type to do so.